Kitchen – Bathroom Corridor Functioning!

It’s been a long time coming, but we were finally able to functionally complete our kitchen and bathroom corridor along with stairs to the bedrooms. This was the biggest hurdle to our being able to move into the house and we made it only by the skin of our teeth. We were able to find a radiator right in our budget and install it ourselves. I suggest to anyone looking for one of to check the range of bathroom radiators by bathroom city. The last push required an additional worker – now the Sten and Ruudi team, the help of Lea’s brother Arvo with electricity, and my good friend Clif on plumbing. So now we’re finally moved in. Construction continues on the living room and guestroom and we’re waiting for the arrival of new windows in October. But we’re getting closer to an end of this downstairs stage!

Quick Update

I’ve been sprinting around trying to manage multiple projects for the last few weeks. Two weeks back I dropped everything and spent a week of full days getting the apartment ready to move into. We made it in on the weekend and then I left for a week of Alongside planning in France. Now that I’m back, I’m finalizing preparations for a set of marriage preparation seminars to take place in early April. After I get that done, it’s back to summer preparations for about 2 weeks straight. Then Easter. Whew. Continue reading →