I’ve taken a dive into the deep end on …

I’ve taken a dive into the deep end on commitments this New Year. Tired of two few challenges last year, I agreed to some additional ones this year that are sure to keep me hopping. The biggies include:

  1. changing poopy diapers and speaking baby-talk in the mornings
  2. participating on the Union’s mission council and developing rural mission
  3. teaching a Practical English course every Wednesday at a local high school
  4. hosting the Tallinn city home group for Viimsi Church members

Together with family, preaching, Bible studies and the rest it’s going to be a stimulating mix I’m sure. Not a dull moment ūüôā I would sure appreciate your prayers as I attempt to keep all these balls in the air!

Estonian Rural Church Mission

Märjamaa Orthodox Church

One of the most personally exciting ministry developments in 2010 was the Union’s decision to form of a Mission Council in the place of the previous Mission Secretary role. This shift to a Council approach reflects the facts that the Union’s sense of mission 1) is appropriately diverse, 2) requires a corporate response, and 3) is a denominational priority and 4) is developing enough to require multiple heads and hands. The council is composed of 12 members and is chaired by the Union president and vice president. Each member of the council answers for a particular area of mission ranging from church planting to ecumenical relations. But the real strength of the council comes in the collaboration that can now happen by having all of these people in the same room. When I learned of the Mission Council I asked if rural church mission had yet been represented and if not, could I represent those needs on the council. To my delight, in November, I was assigned to the Missions Council, representing Rural Church Mission. Continue reading →

Pastoring by Example

“The most effective form of parental counseling that we can give the members of our congregations may not be how we counsel them in their moment of crisis but, rather, the style of leadership we ourselves exhibit daily regarding our own “charges” in the congregation, particularly our capacity to define ourselves. At the very least, if we are not aware of this connection, we may undercut our “sage” pastoral efforts, well-meaning though they may be.”

  • Edwin Friedman, “Generation to Generation”

Stuck in Estonia


I am asking you to pray for our friends Paddy and Carole Ducklow. The Ducklows came to Estonia about two weeks ago to help us establish their marriage/premarriage mentoring program here in Estonia. At the last minute, they were informed that two close relatives were diagnosed with serious forms of cancer. In spite of this, they felt certain they were called to come and did so. After two very successful weekend seminars and a series of seminary lectures, they deserved a peaceful trip home to their loved ones. Instead, like many others their flight was canceled when Iceland’s volcano erupted. We have been praying earnestly and searching every possibility to get them back.

The latest news is good. The skies are clearing in parts of Europe and we have hopes that their flight path will follow suit in short order. Please join us in praying for the Ducklows’ travels and for the health of their loved ones. Also, given the additional costs of hospitality and travel, if you would like to contribute financially to helping us and them account for this disaster, you can send a donation via the Alongside website at www.alongside.org.

Thanks for your support!