Rapla Street Cafes

Each June, the town of Rapla celebrates the community by holding a street festival. Each year, the Rapla church hosts a one-day parking lot restaurant as a run-up to our anniversary celebration. This is a whole-church event with opportunities for everyone to contribute something special. Over the years we have developed a now famous hamburger recipe, offered live music and a mini fair in the church yard.

Dunamis (PRMI) Seminars

In pursuit of equipping our congregation to serve together in extending the Gospel into the places where it is most needed, we have engaged the help of a team from Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI). This team has come to us now twice every year for three years to give biblical and practical instruction on participating in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout my life, I have encountered a number of similar resources. But in my experience, I typically have to choose between solid teaching and effective ministry. The doers can’t (or don’t) do the hard work of solid exegesis and the teachers can’t do (or avoid doing) what they are teaching. Not so with the Dunamis team!

In addition to thorough and solid biblical teaching and effective ministry, the Dunamis team has demonstrated patience, humility and sincerity in all that they have done with us. I highly recommend the services of the Dunamis Project!

You can read more about the Dunamis Project at the PRMI website. Dunamis Project topics include:

  1. Gateways to Empowered Ministry
  2. In the Spirit’s Power
  3. The Power of Prayer
  4. Healing Ministry of Jesus
  5. Equipping for Spiritual Warfare
  6. Listening Evangelism

Christ Child Search

Each advent an ecumenical team gathers from local churches to organize our annual search for the Christ child. This is a unique retelling of the Christmas story to a population that may have never heard it before. Each successive search has grown in number such that now we have kids streaming out behind our famed “star of Bethlehem” like a comet’s tail

Along the way, kids meet all the characters from the nativity scene along with some others that might have dropped in. Each station involves creative dialogue written by a very talented and beautiful teacher (ehem!) and fun activities. The final destination presents a reading of the manger scene followed by fun and treats for all.

A great outreach and a beautiful way to announce the Gospel together with our neighboring churches.

English Camp

In partnership with a team of youth from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs and the Estonian organization KOMA, our youth hosted our first ever summer English Camp this year in the small town of Kaiu. The camp was a great success for our first foray. Not only did we see campers with little to no faith exposure make significant steps forward in their walk with Christ, we also made deep inroads into the local youth population setting us up for significant future outreach.