Hospitality House

Looks like a house!

When we moved to Rapla we had in mind not only a home for our kids to grow up in but also a space for hospitality. After 9 years of ministry here and a steady stream of visitors, ministry teams, guest speakers, and summer interns, there is no doubt that a space like this could regularly be put to good use well into the future.  Additionally, the refugee crisis and fallout from pandemic this year have reminded us of the time-honored practice of extending hospitality to the stranger.

In light of these things, we began sketching out the possibilities of replacing our shed/sauna into a guesthouse which would include all the elements of the present structure but reorganized and upgraded for the purpose of offering a peaceful place for guests and teams to stay during their time in Rapla. In addition to a garage and storage space, the guesthouse is divided into a self-contained studio apartment on the ground floor, sleeping spaces on the second floor and a separate sauna and washroom accessible to residents of either space.

I work on the house evenings and weekends and hope to have a complete project by September of 2022.

  • Windows, Doors, Patio

    Finished: Siding, roofing, (windows and doors by 8/27!). Sauna patio framed and planked Interior framing (by 8/27) Next steps: Electricity, plumbing and ventilation (deadline September 15) Sauna construction, exterior chimney and sauna stove (deadline December 31) Breezeway, toilet and sauna tiling (deadline December 31) Gyproc walls and painting (February) Flooring and finishing (April) Eves, sofits,…

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