I’ve taken a dive into the deep end on …


I’ve taken a dive into the deep end on commitments this New Year. Tired of two few challenges last year, I agreed to some additional ones this year that are sure to keep me hopping. The biggies include:

  1. changing poopy diapers and speaking baby-talk in the mornings
  2. participating on the Union’s mission council and developing rural mission
  3. teaching a Practical English course every Wednesday at a local high school
  4. hosting the Tallinn city home group for Viimsi Church members

Together with family, preaching, Bible studies and the rest it’s going to be a stimulating mix I’m sure. Not a dull moment 🙂 I would sure appreciate your prayers as I attempt to keep all these balls in the air!

2 thoughts on “I’ve taken a dive into the deep end on …

  1. two few challenges last year… Not sure what you mean by TWO few…
    I’m quite sure these are TWO many. #1 would seem the most daunting to me at this stage. How did you get involved in the English course?

    1. How embarrassing! Yes, I be English major. Hope my kids don’t read the blog. The English course is something I’d heard about at the Viimsi Highschool for years running and daydreamed of what I’d do with it. The position opened and our niece recommended me for the job. I don’t know if it’s the lack of a parish system here or something else, but as a pastor I just don’t have much touch with folks outside of our church. So, taking this job gives me some contact with folks in our surroundings and also allows me to build something of a CV here. Really looking forward to it!

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