Simeon Exits Stage Left

One of the most striking ironies of the gospel witness is that when Jesus appears on the scene, those who were best positioned to recognized him tragically did not. A recent Bible study with some of our young men this Fall revealed that when people recognized in Jesus the authority to teach, heal and cast out demons, he took the audacious leap of claiming authority over sin as well. We were struck by how offensive this all would have been to an observant Jew in that day and how appropriate their response was to his ‘misstep’ … unless of course he was telling the truth. Continue reading →

Köie Project Update


Our renovation project is currently on hold. We had really hoped to be moved in by Christmas. But when we applied for the remainder of the sum we had planned for the entire project, the bank started tightening the screws. Apparently our former loan officer changed offices and was replaced by a junior officer recruited for a quick fill. She’s been a little over-conscientious and appears to be wanting to review every jot and tittle of our contract.

The apartment is effectively ready for residence save for a few critical projects that require this last burst of capital: stairs, kitchen installation and plumbing hookups. Without any one of these, we’re dead in the water. Please pray that our request will make it through the banks’ mechanisms smoothly and quickly so that we can finish up these last few projects and move in before the vacation ends!