Lea and I are happy to post the biggest announcement this website has ever seen. Over the weekend we doubled our family size!

On Friday June 20th, we brought home Kevin Markus (3) and Miriam Anne (1) to join the Edminster household. We have been visiting the kids for the last three weeks awaiting permission from various departments to bring them home. During that time we were able to get to know a bit about their personalities and develop affection and a basis of trust.

Kevin is a happy little boy with a healthy adventurous streak. We’ve run him through the Edminster gauntlet of nibbling, wrestling and general rough-housing and he’s emerged with a smile on his face asking for more. He is very clever and has been picking up both Estonian (from his mom) and English (from his dad) quickly and seems to be a wiz at puzzles and books. At three Kevin is exploring his new world, identifying what is his and what is not and is exerting his independence. We’re happy all this is happening under our roof!

Miriam is a goofy little primadonna who loves to be the center of attention. She is a compulsive smiler and when she’s fed and dry, she will laugh at almost anything including herself, though she also knows how to play hard-to-get. Her favorite play things are her feet and anything she can quickly stuff into her near-toothless mouth. When not otherwise occupied, she’s content to scratch her fingernails on any textured surface she can find. Miriam is just beginning to toddle around but has about a month to go before she starts walking so we’re soaking up this moment of relative calm before the storm.

Lea and I are very glad to be rearranging our lives, habits and schedules around these little people. We’ve been looking forward to this day for a good while and it seems that God has done his best to match us with a pair of kids who fit in all the best ways. Praise Him!