Hospitality House

When we moved to Rapla we had in mind not only a home for our kids to grow up in but also a space for hospitality. After 5 years of ministry here and a steady stream of visitors, ministry teams, guest speakers, and summer interns, there is no doubt that a facility like this could be put to good use on a regular basis.  Additionally, the refugee crisis has called to mind the time-honored practice of extending hospitality to the stranger, a vision that we find compelling, even in its practical complexity.

In light of these things, we are beginning to sketch out the possibilities of transforming our garage/sauna into a guesthouse which would include all the elements of the present structure but reorganized and upgraded for the purpose of offering a peaceful place for guests and teams to stay during their time in Rapla.

Hiring this out is prohibitive based on our own resources, but we know that our ministry network includes many builders motivated to contribute time and energy to mission. You can help us work toward this goal by contributing toward the project financially or helping us in person when we start construction, hopefully beginning in the summer of 2019.

Interested in pitching in? Drop us a note in the form below and let’s get to work on making this happen!

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