Why Internship Exchanges?

Over the course of our ministry in Estonia, our little circle of friends and supporters has grown into an international network of congregations and individuals keenly interested in supporting and participating in mission. “Mission senders” and “mission receivers” exist on both sides of the Atlantic so we have wondered, “how can we unleash the potential in these relationships so that those wanting to support or to go know who is eager to receive or train?” Internship Exchanges are one way we have found to unleash that potential.

What is an Internship Exchange?

In an internship exchange, we recruit mature interns from with in our network of friends and supporters eager to serve in churches ready to receive, support and train them for a summer, a few months or even a year. Since 2007 we have arranged an internship each summer.

[table sort=”desc”]
Year, Intern, Home Church, Home Country, Host Church, Host Country
2007, Madis Raspel, “Viimsi Church, Estonia, “Post Falls Presbyterian Church (Post Falls, Idaho)”
2008, Beth Schmeising, “Life Covenant Church (Helena, MT)”, “Viimsi Church (Viimsi, Estonia)”
2009, Liina-Ly Roos, “Viimsi Church (Viimsi, Estonia)”, “West Side Community Church (Richland, WA)”
2011, Kadri Haagen, “”,, “”,
2013, Koit Helde, “”,, “”,
2014, Koit Helde, “”,, “”,
2014, Katie Walter, “”,, “”,
2015, Maggie Schuster, “”,, “”,
2015, Kjersten Erickson, “”,, “”,

These interns have served in a variety of capacities. An intern’s willingness to serve matched with the needs of their host will determine the shape of the internship.

Are You Interested?

We know there are more potential interns and hosting churches out there and you could know them, or represent them, or be them! If so, please get in touch with us so we can begin the process of finding the best possible match for you. We typically need to be arranging exchanges by the beginning of February so there’s no time to loose!