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  1. Matt,
    My husband wanted me to contact you. Is your Mother Margot. We were saddened to hear that she passed away a year ago. Please contact us.
    Thank you,
    Robert & Sandy Dunn

  2. Tervitused ka meie Issanda Jeesuse Kristuse, olen koguduserajajal ja misjonär nime Nju-OBASI Tabe, olen Kameruni rahvuse olles kogudusi vanuses 16.Planted mitu edukat kirikud Aafrikas, Aasias, Euroopas praegu olen 28 elavad Cameroon.God on salvestatud suur üleskutse rahvale Eesti koguduse, kuid ma olen silmitsi väljakutsete kogudusi Eestis, mul on vaja teie abi? kuidas edasi minna ja kuidas isegi alustada? Mul on vaja oma abistava käe?

  3. I am the Session person at Community Presbyterian Church who oversees missions. We are having “Missions Day” on Nov. 6 and would like to have preferably a video and/or some pictures to display during our fellowship time. Please let me know if that is possible. Also, I pass along special prayer requests from our other missionaries, so I would like to include you as well whenever you wish. We regularly pray for you anyway, but special requests will be honored.
    Blessings, Linda

  4. Lea and Matt,

    Thank you and your family for your ministry in Estonia. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Missions Team

    Life Covenant Church

    Helena, Montana

    1. Great to hear from you Larry. Things are going well here and we’re hoping to have a prayer letter out soon. Thanks for your support!


  5. Hello, I am working on a calendar for our church (Life Covenant in Helena, MT). Could you please contact me so that I can get some new information on your mission, which we include in our own. Thank you very much. Sheri

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