Ecumenical Worship Service


Ecumenical Worship Service

Ecumenical Worship Service

This was a gathering of Christian friends spanning a wide range of Estonian church traditions. We came together to celebrate the eucharist and made use of a translation of the beautiful Taize liturgy. We have begun a once monthly eucharistic celebration similar to this in Viimsi.

2 thoughts on “Ecumenical Worship Service

  1. Matt …
    Great to see the photos of the ministry. You have got to get yourself one of those cool robes with the sash. Very nice.
    Looks like you have your calendar (and hands) full. Hope this finds you all in good health and enjoying life back in the Baltics. All is nice and hot on this end (105+), but that is why we live here. Keep in touch.

    1. Yeah, I kinda dig the robe and stole. The folks at Knox gave me a really nice handmade stole so I always feel a bit of the NW when I put it on. The surprising thing is that the church in Viimsi is pretty ?low church? (this picture is from a Lutheran church down the road) I?d never have guessed that I?d be wearing a robe and stole here. But once a month I get to break them out for a liturgical service. The rest of the time, they like for me to wear a collar. The whole uniform bit takes a little getting used to for this “freewheeler” but I s?pose it comes with the territory.

      Sorry about the weather 🙂 I don?t know how you guys can make it in heat like that. About this time of the year I start dreaming of deep snow and long, dark nights. Thankfully we?ve had a nice moderately warm summer so we can head into the next season without feeling like we got robbed. Blessings to all the Tucson folk!

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