About Us


Matt and Lea Edminster have been serving with Alongside Ministries International in Estonia since 1998. Matt grew up in Spokane, WA and first served in Estonia as a youth ministry intern after college in response to an invitation issued to Alongside by Lea and her cousin Heili. After serving together for 4 years, Matt and Lea were married in 2002 and now have three children: Kevin, Miriam and Matilda. The Edminsters live in Rapla Estonia where Matt pastors the local evangelical church and Lea teaches primary school English.

Our core conviction is that God enacts the transforming power of the Gospel through the Body of Christ gathered in local churches. For this reason, the function and health of local churches is critical for growing the Kingdom of God both deep and wide. Our ministries seek to encourage and equip local churches by 1) facilitating the mutual exchange of love and resources between churches, 2) equipping churches to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbors, 3) leveraging cross-cultural interactions to inform the mission of the whole Church.